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Ornithologist's Secret

Download PC game Ornithologist's Secret Find a way out of the ornithologist's aviary!

Unicorn Mystery

Download PC game Unicorn Mystery Put your mind to the test and escape the unicorn room!

In the Footsteps of Lycanthrope

Download PC game In the Footsteps of Lycanthrope Hone your problem solving and escape your animal instincts!

The Legend of Minotaur

Download PC game The Legend of Minotaur Solve the minotaur mystery and escape!

Combo Poker

Download PC game Combo Poker Get the perfect hand!

Wonderful Sudoku

Download PC game Wonderful Sudoku Put your sudoku skills to the test!

Myth of Poltergeist

Download PC game Myth of Poltergeist Escape the haunted room!

Cannon Bomber

Download PC game Cannon Bomber Blast away the mosters!

Ship Escape

Download PC game Ship Escape Escape the ship!

Jail Escape

Download PC game Jail Escape Make a break for it in Jail Escape!