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  • All-in-One Mahjong
  • All-in-One Mahjong is an exciting puzzle game where the challenge is to eliminate all pieces from the board. In Timed Mode, you have a shuffle option and have to clear all pairs as soon as possible. In Score Mode, you're not able to shuffle, but you play until you either win by clearing the tiles or lose by getting stuck. Enjoy 42 different layouts and a huge selection of backgrounds.
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  • Spellarium 4
  • Your favorite wizard is back but this could be the final adventure. You see, Eric has spent the last 400 years in service to the Gods, but his time is running out and the Gods don’t seem interested in prolonging his life! Join your favorite wizard on his quest to grow the Tree of Life and, with the right help, maybe he can find some magic to extend his years.
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  • Halloween Stories: Mahjong
  • Prince Jack is in danger! Dark forces have stolen his bride Adele from their wedding ceremony! Gaining new knowledge and armed with a magic staff, Jack enters a decisive fight against the evil forces. Become Prince Jack's companion in this exciting adventure. Complete quests during your travels, collect magic artifacts, and progress through the story. Only you can help Jack save Adele from death, because only you have the power to perform the predestined!

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