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  • Buy PC games online, download : Elven Legend 3: The New Menace
  • Elven Legend 3: The New Menace
  • The young queen Aerin saved the kingdom twice already. But now the elven kingdom is threatened by new danger: the Duke von Gross from the western land wants to take the kingdom of elves and enslave them. Will Aerin be able to rescue the kingdom this time?
    • Buy pc games - Cathy's Crafts Collector's Edition
  • Cathy's Crafts Collector's Edition
  • Cathy is chasing the dreams of others instead of her own. Should she stay and run the family hardware store or join her boyfriend in New York and become an art buyer? With a little inspiration from Ming, a very vain and confident cat, Cathy discovers her passion...CRAFTING! Fans begin to visit Cathy's shop to purchase her popular Ming dolls and to see Ming in the real.
    • Buy pc games - Forest Riddles
  • Forest Riddles
  • Explore the ancient forest and help forest fairies discover hidden images. Call upon the fairies for help if you get stuck. Travel across six locations and solve 120 puzzles. Have fun discovering images hidden with the logic of numbers. Puzzle lovers, play Forest Riddles today!